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Individual therapy is typically scheduled with sessions once or twice a week and can range from short-term (generally three to six months) to long-term, depending on personal needs and goals of treatment. Individual psychotherapy can be a powerful tool in understanding the origins of your problems, deepening self-acceptance, alleviating distress, and increasing personal growth. Dynamic Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between patient and therapist which enables healing and promotes insight. 


Couples interested in therapy are often seeking help with issues of communication, intimacy, trust, sexuality, family goals and differing values. As both members of the couple continue to grow and change, there are often new (or old) conflicts that arise or important life decisions that need to be made. Couples therapy helps both members of a couple identify attachment patterns, learn to communicate about deeper emotions, wishes and fears, and come to recognize patterns that help them to better understand one another and discover ways of gracefully accepting individual differences. 


Group therapy is offered as a sole form of treatment and can also be a supplement to individual therapy. Therapy groups provide an excellent vehicle to enhance experiential learning, develop insight into communication and interpersonal patterns of relating, and can promote a sense of connection and authenticity. Group therapy provides individuals with an opportunity to practice open and honest communication, to recognize their relational strengths and weaknesses, and to increase their compassion for self and others. 


I offer case consultation and supervision to licensed healthcare providers and doctoral-level graduate students, providing a safe, reflective space to explore clinical work, address specific clinical and ethical dilemmas, and develop better tools to manage crisis situations or navigate professional challenges. Consultation often involves process the emotional and intellectual challenges that are a life-long part of being a psychotherapist and it should also foster growth, confidence and satisfaction in one’s clinical work. 

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